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The European AI Office: The AI Act roadmap for enforcement

In recent years, AI has taken center stage in the European Union’s digital agenda, sparking discussions on its far-reaching impact on our economic landscape and societal fabric. While the benefits of AI are undeniable, concerns about its potential effects on fundamental rights and safety have prompted a proactive response from the EU. The recently adopted AI Act seeks to establish a comprehensive framework governing the development, use, and acquisition of AI products, services, and systems.  

Despite the commendable strides made with the AI Act, the real test lies in its implementation and enforcement within the regulatory framework of the European Commission. A pivotal aspect of this process involves the creation of the European AI Office, a key institution that fosters an ecosystem that ensures compliance with and respect for the AI Act. As we delve into this groundbreaking development, a crucial question emerges: What mechanisms are vital for the effective functioning of the European AI Office and the application of responsible and trustworthy AI guidelines? We aim to ensure that the competencies of the AI Office contribute to creating an oversight ecosystem that prioritizes the well-being of EU citizens  

In this policy paper, we take a critical approach to identify the mechanisms that will enable the AI Office to achieve its goals. By offering specific recommendations in the governance landscape, we aim to shed light on the role and applicable competencies that will be integral to the success of this transformative initiative. Our focus is on paving the way for an AI landscape that not only adheres to regulatory standards but also fosters an environment of trust and accountability.