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AI has officially landed.

So have the

hard technical questions

societal risks

"Black Box” Decisions

Reputational risks

Eticas CEO:
Gemma Galdon Clavell, PhD.

We’ve entered a ‘wild west’ AI world.
But fear not.


What our Clients are Saying

David Whewell

Chief Technology Officer & Head of Ethics Koa Health

"Eticas has been an invaluable partner for us on our ethics journey, with multiple audits under our belt. I am delighted to note that we continue to make great strides as an ethical organization, and this demonstrates we take Eticas’ recommendations seriously, and see the value in championing the ethical approach to digital solutions in mental healthcare. We constantly hear from our partners, our users and our investors that providing these solutions ethically is paramount."

Nadine Dammaschk

GIZ, FAIR Forward – Artificial Intelligence for All

“Eticas has been supporting us in setting up a structured approach for assessing human rights risks in our AI-related activities in sectors as diverse as agriculture, climate change adaptation and chatbot usage. During this journey, Eticas has shown great dedication in tailoring this methodology with us to the international cooperation context, based on their AI Auditing expertise. Partners and colleagues confirmed to us repeatedly the value of the structured risk assessment. We are grateful for the collaboration with Eticas and the significant impact it has had on how we operationalize AI Ethics in our project.”

Jessica Bither

Senior Expert for Migration at Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH

“In our work with Eticas, we have greatly valued the in-depth subject expertise of the team and the high-quality research they are able to provide on complex socio-technological questions and issue areas.”

Our ClientS


If you cannot answer YES to the above questions, let us show you how we can help.

Eticas has led the charge for Responsible AI for over a decade. We’re now delivering our scalable, automated, end-to-end AI certification package to qualifying Fortune 1000 companies. To learn more about the benefits of Premier Partner status, and how to become Eticas Certified®, apply today!

Turn your risk into an asset, today.

We cracked the code on systematically removing unintended biases from AI systems using our 10 year track record in Responsible AI. We now bring this decade’s worth of insights and our intellectual capital to scale with our automated audits, and proprietary demographic and geographic database used to ensure the validity (and compliance) of the outputs.

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