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Curious how an audit of your AI applications can help improve your company’s performance while mitigating substantial risks? Our work with clients who are pioneering AI use to dominate their industry will illuminate Eticas’s expertise and abilities that are truly bar none.

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US AI regulatory landscape
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Navigating the US AI regulatory landscape

We’re pleased to introduce our latest resource: a downloadable infographic meticulously crafted to shed light on the diverse regulatory landscape of AI in the U.S. This infographic serves as a comprehensive roadmap, offering clarity on the AI regulations at the state level.

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Algorithmic Auditing Guide
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Adversarial Algorithmic Auditing Guide

Algorithmic auditing is an instrument for dynamic appraisal and inspection of AI systems. This guide focuses on adversarial or third-party algorithmic audits, where independent auditors or communities thoroughly examine the functioning and impact of an algorithmic system, when access to the system is restricted. 

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Relevant Industry Articles

Nov 22, 2023

New York Times: A.I. Belongs to the Capitalists Now

“In a larger sense, what’s happening at OpenAI is a proxy for one of the biggest fights in the global economy today: how to control increasingly powerful A.I. tools, and whether large companies can be trusted to develop them responsibly.”
October 30, 2023

Bloomberg: Regulate AI? How US, EU and China Are Going About It

“Some US cities and states have already passed legislation limiting use of AI in areas such as police investigations and hiring, and the European Union has proposed a sweeping law that would put guardrails on the technology. While the US Congress works on legislation, President Joe Biden is directing government agencies to vet future AI products for potential national or economic security risks.”
Sept 27, 2023

Axios: VC firms working with D.C. to "self-regulate" AI startup investing

“A group of venture capital firms have pledged to ensure that the startups they invest in adhere to responsible AI. to correct for the ‘move fast and break things; a philosophy that drove the rise of social media technologies, without considering second or third-order effects.”