High-performance AI without the risks. 


If you are a VC, an accounting firm, a non-for-profit, or an organization with clients that would benefit from a preferred partnership, we would love to connect with you. Inquire here. is a leading global SaaS company specializing in AI auditing, bias monitoring, and certification, with over a decade of experience helping EU and US organizations optimize their AI processes, leading to better, safer, and fairer business decisions.

High-performance LLMs without the risks.

Comprehensive Risk Monitoring

Subscription-based platform that monitors real-life uses of Large Language Models (LLMs) and GenAI to identify and address risks, bias, and inefficiencies, via our unique end-to-end approach.

Dynamic Risk Dashboard

Access to a dynamic dashboard to understand how different risk taxonomies perform in real life and receive alerts when risk-related dynamics are identified.

Data Privacy Assurance

No need for personal data! LLMsafe acts as data processor and handles only aggregated data which cannot be de-anonymized.

Ensuring Ethical AI Practices

LLMsafe uses user segmentation, topic analysis, and sentiment analysis to certify that AI practices are safe, explainable and responsible.

Periodic Audit and Certification provides teams with periodic audit reports, scores, and an audit certification, ensuring trust and explainability.

Audited AI Certification

Our "Audit certification" serves as an external validation, showcasing audited companies as trusted leaders committed to ethical practices. To qualify for Eticas Certification, we conduct periodic reviews and cross-reference data sets with our robust geo-sociographic database.