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Eticas wins the Future of Data Challenge Award

We have been recognized by the Future of Data Challenge for our activism in support of responsible technology, and for reverse-engineering AI systems through external audits to demystify “black boxes”, expose bias, and train and empower impacted communities.

At the heart of one of the most important events regarding culture, technology and entertainment, our Founder and CEO Gemma Galdón will accept the award in person during SXSW at the Future of Data Challenge Awards Ceremony and Reception, which runs from 4:30-7:30 pm on March 14 in Austin, Texas.

The Future of Data Challenge is designed to surface and support new structures, institutions, norms, incentives, and leaders that prioritize all stakeholders; rebalance data’s power in our lives; and spread its economic and social value fairly across society.

In total, the social change venture is awarding $1.1 million to teams from seven countries that are helping to prioritize fairness, inclusion, empowerment, and collective value in the data culture.

Stay tuned as we’re going to be sharing all the details!