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Navigating the US AI regulatory landscape

US AI regulatory landscape

We’re pleased to introduce our latest resource: a downloadable infographic meticulously crafted to shed light on the diverse regulatory landscape of AI in the U.S. This infographic serves as a comprehensive roadmap, offering clarity on the AI regulations at the state level.

Demystifying AI: What is it, actually?


Much has been said lately about artificial intelligence (AI). Incredible applications are at our fingertips, we can talk to a machine just like we do with our friends who are miles away. We can ask machines to write down poetry, create images out of nothing (but a huge database of information) and even give quick […]

Adversarial Algorithmic Auditing Guide

Algorithmic Auditing Guide

Algorithmic auditing is an instrument for dynamic appraisal and inspection of AI systems. This guide focuses on adversarial or third-party algorithmic audits, where independent auditors or communities thoroughly examine the functioning and impact of an algorithmic system, when access to the system is restricted. 

The European AI Office: The AI Act roadmap for enforcement

In recent years, AI has taken center stage in the European Union’s digital agenda, sparking discussions on its far-reaching impact on our economic landscape and societal fabric. While the benefits of AI are undeniable, concerns about its potential effects on fundamental rights and safety have prompted a proactive response from the EU. The recently adopted […]

Guide to Algorithmic Auditing

The Guide to Algorithmic Auditing is aimed at the people responsible for the use of algorithms, and data processing algorithm audits. Although, this guide is a tool that also seeks to reach the general public, increasingly interested in the effects of the application of algorithms in their daily lives.

The DSA explained


The European Union implemented far-reaching legislation to regulate the digital landscape: The Digital Services Act (DSA) aims to overhaul the rules for online services in the EU, which were last updated over two decades ago. Here’s what you need to know about the DSA and its potential impact.  What is the DSA?  The Digital Services […]

Inside the algorithms of dating apps

Algorithmic Auditing

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern romance, dating apps have become the gatekeepers of our romantic destiny. What once relied on serendipity and face-to-face encounters has now been replaced by algorithms, quietly working behind the scenes to curate our potential matches. While success stories often make headlines, the intricate workings of these algorithms and their […]

Algorithmic audit of Laura Robot

Since 2016, the Laura Robot has analyzed more than 8.6 million visits in 40 clinical and hospital centers in several Brazilian states. Eticas examined the Laura application in its version 1.0, created in 2017.