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Case Studies

Algorithmic Audit of Laura Robot

Since 2016, the Laura Robot has analyzed more than 8.6 million visits in 40 clinical and hospital centers in several Brazilian states. Eticas examined the Laura application in its version 1.0, created in 2017. 
The main objective of the Laura system is to provide early warning of a clinical deterioration susceptible to death, with the aim of reducing mortality and hospital service costs. It is an Artificial Intelligence system that provides a classification of the patient’s risk of clinical deterioration after analyzing the indicators of the patient’s last five vital sign collections.  
Laura’s algorithmic audit was focused on exploring possible risks of algorithmic bias or discrimination. 

The audit was conducted in four phases:


Preliminary study:

we gathered basic information about the system and the needs detected for its development and implementation.


Mapping of the situation:

we examined whether the system complied with a list of basic requirements to be audited and whether the parties responsible for its design, development and implementation were willing to provide the necessary information for its implementation.


Analysis plan:

several meetings and exchanges of information were held with the people responsible for Eticas Consulting and Laura to define and agree with the client the terms (how and what for) and the estimated deadlines (when) for the development of the audit.


Analysis and final report:

including the conclusions and recommendations resulting from the audit.

What did we find after conducting the audit?

Recommendations from qualitative analysis:

Recommendations from qualitative analysis: