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Algorithmic Audit of Koa Health: A success story

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Spearheaded by our Eticas team, the new algorithmic audit underscores Koa Health’s unwavering dedication to ensuring not only the effectiveness but also the ethical integrity of its groundbreaking solutions.

Koa Health was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Their mission? To use the latest technologies to provide simple mental health support, with the ultimate goal of improving people’s mental well-being. This intersection between health and technology has implications that are not lost on Koa, which has been working with Eticas since 2021 to ensure technological efficiency, security, and transparency in its services. 

After the first audit carried out in the period 2021-2022, the last 2023 audit resulted in a 24% improvement.

This substantial improvement underscores the company’s dedication to refining its digital health solutions, particularly in areas such as bias reduction in measurement and data visualization. The positive trajectory reflects a proactive commitment to ethical standards and user well-being, reinforcing Koa Health’s position as a conscientious industry player.

Auditing systems, especially for companies like Koa Health in the digital healthcare sector, is of paramount importance for several crucial reasons:

Bias Detection and Mitigation

Audits, especially those focusing on bias in algorithms, are crucial in identifying and rectifying potential biases in the system. In the context of health apps, unbiased algorithms are essential to providing fair and effective support to users.

Customer Satisfaction

Knowing that a company is committed to ethical practices and undergoes regular audits can enhance customer satisfaction. Users are more likely to engage with and continue using products that prioritize their well-being and privacy.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory landscape surrounding AI is constantly evolving, with examples such as the DSA, AI Act, or the latest Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of AI. Regular audits help companies stay abreast of and comply with current and upcoming legislation, avoiding legal repercussions and potential damage to their reputation.

Industry Leadership and Innovation

By setting high ethical standards through regular audits, organizations build trust and credibility and gain a competitive advantage. Ethical leadership fosters adaptability to emerging technologies, encourages innovation in product development, and contributes to a positive industry reputation.


The success of Koa Health and Eticas serves as a beacon for the broader industry, emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations when developing mental health solutions. General best practices include regular ethics audits and oversight to limit biases, secure the ethical treatment of user data, and ensure compliance with current and upcoming legislation. As technology continues to play an increasingly influential role in our lives, it becomes more necessary than ever to prioritize the safety and well-being of users.